Forthcoming ARCOM Workshops

  • ARCOM Doctoral Workshop: Introduction to Design Science Research in Construction Management
    15 May 2024 to 17 May 2024
    University of Twente, Enschede, the Netherlands

    Researchers in construction management (CM) build on a wealth of epistemological and ontological stances that comprise compatible and conflicting methodologies. The methodologies we use have helped describe and explain CM phenomena, often resulting in mid-range theories. While insights from our work have the potential to change practice and processes in the industry, we seem to still be mostly reflecting rather than change-making.

    The critical role that we should have as researchers, however, enables much more than just diagnosis and reflection. It gives us the opportunity to advance practice, policy, and governance. CM research may need to be more ‘responsibly rebellious’, as described in the ARCOM 2023 conference keynote by Andy Dainty. Such a role is more urgently needed in the current major transition towards a climate-resilient, nature-based, built environment in 2050. CM researchers should rethink the way they contribute not only rigorous but also relevant research.

    This workshop is designed to stimulate discussion and action! We plan to discuss and develop propositions about how to engage further with empirical realities, intervene, and impact the Built Environment more intimately.

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