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Venue for ARCOM 2024

ARCOM was formed in 1984 to nurture and develop research and researchers in the emerging field of construction management and held its first annual conference at Southbank Polytechnic in London. To celebrate ARCOM’s 40th anniversary we are returning to the now London South Bank University (LSBU) for our 40th Annual Conference and Annual General Meeting. The last four decades have seen ARCOM establish itself and evolve beyond its UK focused origins to an organisation with a global reach reflected through our international membership and representation of delegates at the annual conference.

The 40th anniversary provides an opportunity to celebrate our achievements, but also to reflect on the evolution of construction management research in terms of its thematic coverage, its engagement with other disciplines and a growing broadening of our scope to reflect management issues related to the delivery and maintenance of the wider built environment. Recent ARCOM conferences have reflected a growing focus on research which seeks to respond to paradigm shifting challenges associated with climate change, delivering sustainable development, progressing social justice and responding to the rapid progress in the digital world and the opportunities and difficulties it presents. The general themes of our conferences in the last decade have responded to this with focus on sustainability, rebuilding and recovery, productivity, and the wider contribution to the common good.

The conference programme will provide our community the opportunity to look back at our achievements over the last 40 years and revisit traditional research questions with a contemporary focus. However, as we move forward, there is a need to consider how we can continue to evolve and ensure that our research contributes to the paradigm shifting agendas of the future. We welcome you to join us and contribute to this conversation by submitting papers aligned with our Conference Theme ‘Looking Back to Move Forward’.

The Hub, LSBU   LSBU

London South Bank University was established in 1892 as Borough Polytechnic with an original aim ‘to promote the industrial skill, general knowledge, health and well-being of young men and women’ and this remains central to its mission today. The focus is on a practical and vocational approach ensures our students will leave equipped with the skills to meet the challenges of today's workplace. An institution which is rooted in its community in South London with three campuses. The conference is being held in the LSBU HUB which opened in the summer of 2022 and is the largest building in the Southwark Campus. The building has been awarded Architect Journals Higher Education and Campus Retrofit Award for 2023 and the Award for Transformative Sustainable Design through Minimal Intervention at the Structural Awards 2023. Our 40th anniversary conference dinner and awards evening will be held on the Tuesday and hosted at The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn within their historic estate which dates back to 1422.

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