Best Paper Prizes

Each year ARCOM awards a number of sponsored prizes for best papers. This is an important recognition of the hard work the delegates have put into conducting much interesting research and developing the papers that publish those efforts. The awards all enjoy a £250 prize (or equivalent) together with the certificate that honours the award.

ARCOM has a number of commemorative awards we give annually on surveying/project management (Paul Townsend Commemorative Award), innovation (Rod Howes Commemorative Award) and social impact/significance (David Langford Commemorative Award). The past members of our community ARCOM commemorates each made a significant contribution to the field.

Paul Townsend was a strong supporter of ARCOM and an industry representative on the ARCOM committee for many years. He became an academic at Sheffield Hallam later in his career. The ARCOM award was instituted to celebrate his contribution following his untimely death.

Rob Howes is one of the founders of ARCOM and our first chairman, a charming and eloquent man, who was one of the key members in our community for many years.

David Langford, ARCOM’s Honorary Life President, sadly passed away in 2010. He led many of the ARCOM’s activities especially in the 1980s and 1990s.

The professional institutions (CIOB and RICS) and publishers associated with ARCOM (Wiley Blackwell, Taylor and Francis and Emerald) also award prizes at the conference. Themes for these prizes include the best international paper, innovation and sustainability, best technical paper, best theoretically informed contribution, and research methodology.

Click on the links below to view the prize winners for each year.

  • 2022
  • Paul Townsend Commemorative Award For Research In Practice

    Christian Koch – “An Institutional Analysis of How the Construction Industry's Complexity Affects Waste: An Alternative Response to Future Market Demands for Sustainability”

    Rod Howes Commemorative Award for Conference Theme (Build Back Wiser)

    Mattias Jacobsson – “Why Strategic Innovation Programs Struggle with Dissemination of Results: The Case of a 'Smart Built Environment'”

    David Langford Commemorative Award for Social Impact

    Ani Raiden – “Considering, Creating and Delivering Social Value: Problematic Polarisations”

    Emerald: Best paper on Sustainability

    Lars Hulsbeek – “Evaluating reuse conditions during a circular demolition project: an ethnographic study”

    Taylor and Francis Best theoretical paper

    Nicolaj Frederiksen – “Understanding the marketing department's role in the social and environmental ventures of construction companies”

    CIOB Best paper on an international topic

    Sarah Kamphuis – “Learning for Value Creation in a Project-Alliance”

    CME - transformative impact in relation to a grand societal (transition) challenge

    Andreas de Gier – “EU Taxonomy For Sustainable Activities: A Source Of Decoupling Or A Pathway For Greening The Construction Industry?”

    ICE infrastructure/civil engineering

    Maedeh Molaei – “Evaluating the procurement documents of Dutch water boards portfolio: A step towards more reliable public clients”

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