Best Paper Prizes

Each year ARCOM awards a number of sponsored prizes for best papers. This is an important recognition of the hard work the delegates have put into conducting much interesting research and developing the papers that publish those efforts. The awards all enjoy a £250 prize (or equivalent) together with the certificate that honours the award.

ARCOM has a number of commemorative awards we give annually on surveying/project management (Paul Townsend Commemorative Award), innovation (Rod Howes Commemorative Award) and social impact/significance (David Langford Commemorative Award). The past members of our community ARCOM commemorates each made a significant contribution to the field.

Paul Townsend was a strong supporter of ARCOM and an industry representative on the ARCOM committee for many years. He became an academic at Sheffield Hallam later in his career. The ARCOM award was instituted to celebrate his contribution following his untimely death.

Rob Howes is one of the founders of ARCOM and our first chairman, a charming and eloquent man, who was one of the key members in our community for many years.

David Langford, ARCOM’s Honorary Life President, sadly passed away in 2010. He led many of the ARCOM’s activities especially in the 1980s and 1990s.

The professional institutions (CIOB and RICS) and publishers associated with ARCOM (Wiley Blackwell, Taylor and Francis and Emerald) also award prizes at the conference. Themes for these prizes include the best international paper, innovation and sustainability, best technical paper, best theoretically informed contribution, and research methodology.

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  • 2022
  • 2021
  • 2020
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    • Paul Townsend Commemorative Award for Research in Practice
      Daniella Troje – “Can I Get Some Help Down Here? Inter-Project Support for Creating Social Value through Social Procurement”
    • Rod Howes Commemorative Award for the Conference Theme (Common Good)
      Tara Brooks, John Bruen and Michael Curran – “The Value of Non-Value Adding Activity”
    • David Langford Commemorative Award for Social/International Impact
      David Langford Commemorative Award for Social/International Impact – “The Supportive Role of Construction Employment in Preventing Youth Homelessness: A Capability Empowerment Approach”
    • ARCOM Award for Construction Transformation
      Thayla Zomer , Andy Neely and Ajith Parlikad – “Institutional Pressures and Decoupling in Construction Projects: An Analysis of BIM Implementation”
    • Emerald Award for Sustainability
      Stina Månsson and Pernilla Gluch – “How sustainability professionals navigate in the sea of sustainability in construction”
    • Emerald Award for Sustainability (Highly Commended)
      Peter Robinson and Stephen McIlwaine – “Losing Ground: Adapting Construction Management Approaches to Permafrost Retreat”
    • Taylor Francis Award for Best Theoretical / Methodological Paper
      Mustafa Selçuk Çıdık – “Project-Managing the Social Value of Built Assets: A Call for a Focus on Value Manifestation”
    • Taylor Francis Award for Best Theoretical / Methodological Paper (Highly Commended)
      George Denny-Smith and Martin Loosemore – “A Theoretical Framework Of Social Value In Construction Employment”
    • Best Conference Presentation #1
      Anne Klitgaard, Kjeld Svidt and Stefan Gottlieb – “Ethnography, Impression Management and Shifting Pratices”
    • Best Conference Presentation #2
      Faye Wade and Jan Webb – “Identifying Local Expertise And ‘Trusted Traders’ For Building Energy Retrofit”
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