Important Dates

Submission of abstract: deadline

23:59 GMT 13 January 2023

Notification of acceptance of abstract

13 February 2023

Submission of first draft of paper: deadline

23:59 GMT 7 April 2023

Refereeing decision

22 May 2023

Submission of final paper: deadline

23:59 GMT 16 June 2023

In 2023, as in previous years, there will be an opportunity to submit two different types of paper:

  • ARCOM indexed paper: Your ARCOM indexed paper will be included in the digital conference proceedings. This ARCOM indexed paper will also indexed in the ARCOM CM Abstracts database and Scopus, which could affect your H-index. If you are thinking of submitting this paper to a peer-reviewed journal in future, you would very likely be expected to develop and modify the paper significantly.
  • ARCOM working paper: Your ARCOM working paper will not be included in the ARCOM CM Abstracts database or in the Scopus index, and so will not affect your H-index. As this is an unpublished working paper, you are also free to submit this paper to a peer-reviewed journal for consideration, but we would encourage you to acknowledge that the paper was first presented at the ARCOM Conference.