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Ade, R and Rehm, M (2020) Reaching for the stars: green construction cost premiums for Homestar certification. Construction Management and Economics, 38(06), 570–80.

Arashpour, M, Heidarpour, A, Akbar Nezhad, A, Hosseinifard, Z, Chileshe, N and Hosseini, R (2020) Performance-based control of variability and tolerance in off-site manufacture and assembly: optimization of penalty on poor production quality. Construction Management and Economics, 38(06), 502–14.

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Hassan, A and El-Rayes, K (2020) Quantifying the interruption impact of activity delays in non-serial repetitive construction projects. Construction Management and Economics, 38(06), 515–33.

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Thomas, L E (2010) Evaluating design strategies, performance and occupant satisfaction: a low carbon office refurbishment. Building Research & Information, 38(06), 24.