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Ahsan, S, El-Hamalawi, A, Bouchlaghem, D and Ahmad, S (2007) Mobile technologies for improved collaboration on construction sites. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 3(04), 257–72.

Goulding, J, Aouad, G and Nadim, W (2007) The nD-based computer game: engaging school children in the construction design process. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 3(04), 222–37.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: construction industry; computer games; design; nD concept; school buildings
  • ISBN/ISSN: 1745-2007
  • URL: http://earthscan.publisher.ingentaconnect.com/content/earthscan/aedm/2007/00000003/00000004/art00002
  • Abstract:
    Engaging end-users effectively in the construction process is becoming increasingly important in the UK. However, this engagement is often hindered by the amount and complexity of information and knowledge that needs to be communicated among project stakeholders. This can often create a `mismatch' between stakeholders' expectations and the physical building constructed. A survey was carried out in two secondary schools in the North West of the UK to determine whether a `mismatch' existed. An nD-based computer game was suggested to address this mismatch, the rubrics of which aimed to facilitate the early engagement of endusers in the construction process by providing `what-if' analysis through visually shareable information. This approach was regarded as a self-learning tool, through which end-users could learn about the complexity of the construction process and the decisions and trade-offs being made. This research targeted school children (aged 11-16) as the end-users, under the Building Schools for the Future initiative funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. In order to simplify the information communicated to school children, a concept map was developed to identify the interrelationship between the nD concept, the gaming technology concept and the school building design concept. These interrelationships were used to inform the secondary phase of this research (unreported) which will be the actual development of the computer game.

Hassanain, M A (2007) Post-occupancy Indoor environmental quality evaluation of student housing facilities. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 3(04), 249–56.

Shaw, D, Miles, J and Gray, A (2007) Conceptual design of `geodesic-like' domes using computational geometry. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 3(04), 238–48.

Sterry, P and Sutrisna, M (2007) Briefing and designing performing arts buildings: assessing the role of secondary project stakeholders. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 3(04), 209–21.