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Emmitt, S (2006) Selection and specification of building products: implications for design managers. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 2(03), 176–86.

Johnsson, H, Janols, H and Stehn, L (2006) 3D computer visualization in timber construction: some important parameters. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 2(03), 161–75.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: Delphi study; architectural design; timber structures; computer-aided design; computer visualization
  • URL: http://earthscan.publisher.ingentaconnect.com/content/earthscan/aedm/2006/00000002/00000003/art00001
  • Abstract:
    Timber building structures are seldom considered because of a lack of timber construction knowledge among many clients and professionals. 3D computer visualization (3D VIZ) is a possible way of communicating the aesthetics of a visible timber structure and visualizing complex timber connections. This paper investigates the potential for 3D VIZ to communicate visible timber structures during the different phases of the construction process. Furthermore, important parameters (controllable in 3D VIZ) for communicating a timber structure are identified. Through an Internet-based Delphi study, the usefulness of 3D VIZ for timber structures has been evaluated by professionals representing different competencies in the construction process. The results show that structural complexity, intended beholder (professional or non-professional) and current construction phase influence the benefit of 3D VIZ. The level of detail in the visualization is heavily dependent on whether the communication is internal (between professionals) or external (between professionals and clients/users). The impact of parameters needed, such as textures, surface structures and realistic lighting, have been described.

Sebastian, R (2006) Evaluating a proposed approach for managing collaborative design in the conceptual design phase. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 2(03), 216–24.

Sinha, S, Kumar, B and Thomson, A (2006) Measuring project complexity: a project manager's tool. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 2(03), 187–202.

Zou, P X W and Darvish, H (2006) Group assignments and teamwork skills development in postgraduate construction management studies. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 2(03), 203–15.