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Assad, M, Hosny, O, Elhakeem, A and El Haggar, S (2015) Green building design in Egypt from cost and energy perspectives. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 11(01), 21-40.

Lavy, S, Kiss, C W and Fernandez-Solis, J L (2015) Linking design and energy performance in U.S. military hospitals. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 11(01), 41-64.

  • Type: Journal Article
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  • ISBN/ISSN: 1745-2007
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/17452007.2013.775104
  • Abstract:
    Hospital buildings have one of the highest energy intensities of all commercial building types. The design of the building envelope is the most lasting feature affecting the energy use of a hospital, due to its service-life typically equaling the life of the facility. Recent developments in sustainability and evidence-based design (EBD) have created additional requirements for the design and construction of facilities. This study investigates the impact that design interventions supported by EBD and energy code compliance may have on the building envelope, and their consequence for the energy consumption of Military Health System facilities. Energy simulations were conducted using eQUEST software on two case-study facilities. The analysis demonstrates that various EBD design measures, such as increased use of views and daylighting, appear to be in conflict with certain goals of energy design. Yet, their impact on energy consumption may be limited compared to the potential savings that can be achieved from proper design of the mechanical systems. The use of energy simulation software and early design collaboration between multiple professional disciplines is recognized as critical to achieve optimal design solutions.

Piroozfar, P and Farr, E R P (2015) Visual perception and the choice of systemised building fašades. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 11(01), 65-81.

Senaratne, S and Gunawardane, S (2015) Application of team role theory to construction design teams. Architectural Engineering and Design Management, 11(01), 1-20.