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Chen, X, Chang-Richards, A, Ling, F Y Y, Yiu, T W, Pelosi, A and Yang, N (2023) Developing a readiness model and a self-assessment tool for adopting digital technologies in construction organizations. Building Research & Information, 51(03), 241–56.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: Digital technology (DT); digitalization; readiness assessment; fuzzy synthetic evaluation; construction industry;
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2022.2136130
  • Abstract:
    Despite the benefits of digital technologies (DT) to enhance the performance of the construction industry, the implementation of DT in construction practice has lagged behind. Existing studies have extensively investigated the readiness of single DT, but with limited types of DT and a lack of practicability for construction practitioners. Based on a questionnaire survey, we developed a readiness model and a self-assessment tool for assessing DT readiness for construction companies. Among the 15 indicators of DT readiness surveyed, ‘organizational culture’, ‘leadership and top management support’ and ‘top management’s perception’ were identified as the three most critical indicators. Using factor analysis and fuzzy synthetic evaluation approaches, the readiness model incorporates 15 critical indicators within two groups, quantified weightings, membership functions and criticality indices. The self-assessment tool was developed and validated to assess DT readiness for construction companies based on objective weightings, pinpointing where changes are needed in response to technological disruptions and digitalization transformation. This study incorporates both individual and organizational indicators in a novel organizational DT readiness model and provides a self-assessment tool for construction organizations when adopting multiple DT. The research outcomes can assist the decision-making resources for construction companies to plan and monitor their DT adoption process.

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Yevu, S K, Owusu, E K, Chan, A P C, Oti-Sarpong, K, Wuni, I Y and Tetteh, M O (2023) Systematic review on the integration of building information modelling and prefabrication construction for low-carbon building delivery. Building Research & Information, 51(03), 279–300.