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He, Q, Wu, Z, Li, S, Li, H and Wang, Y (2023) Two decades of the evolution of China’s green building policy: insights from text mining. Building Research & Information, 51(02), 158–78.

Hu, M (2023) An evaluation of the retrofit net zero building performances: life cycle energy, emissions and cost. Building Research & Information, 51(02), 179–91.

Lin, C, Chiang, W, Weng, Y and Wu, H (2023) Assessing the anthropogenic carbon emission of wooden construction: an LCA study. Building Research & Information, 51(02), 138–57.

New, K, Tyler, A, Friday, A, Hazas, M and Gormally, A (2023) Space temperature policy towards net-zero: recommendations from a systematic review of UK HEI heating policies. Building Research & Information, 51(02), 223–39.

Pelé-Peltier, A, Charef, R and Morel, J (2023) Factors affecting the use of earth material in mainstream construction: a critical review. Building Research & Information, 51(02), 119–37.

van der Bent, H S, van den Brom, P I, Visscher, H J, Meijer, A and Mouter, N (2023) The energy performance of dwellings with heat pumps of Dutch non-profit housing associations. Building Research & Information, 51(02), 192–202.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: Heat pump systems; energy consumption; housing stock; non-profit housing;
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2022.2093154
  • Abstract:
    Achieving energy efficiency in the built environment requires extensive efforts in the renovation and adaptation of housing stock. A promising design solution is the heat pump. While gas boiler systems are commonly used in Dutch non-profit housing stock, the share of dwellings with a heat pump grew from 1.6% in 2017 to 3.2% in 2021. However, building characteristics and the energy consumption of dwellings with a heat pump are unclear. Therefore, a dataset of 69,422 dwellings with different types of heat pumps has been examined and compared to dwellings with a traditional HR107 condensing gas boiler. This research reports average characteristics and the average actual energy consumption of dwellings with all-electric, hybrid and gas absorption heat pump systems. Dwellings with a heat pump system are on average of higher building quality, their gas consumption is lower and their electricity consumption is higher than dwellings with an HR107 condensing gas boiler. Detailed insight is provided for dwellings with different heat pump systems and for dwellings with different building characteristics. Further research to determine the energy performance of dwellings with specific heat pump configurations is recommended in light of the energy transition in the built environment.

Van Hove, M Y C, Deurinck, M, Lameire, W, Laverge, J, Janssens, A and Delghust, M (2023) Large-scale statistical analysis and modelling of real and regulatory total energy use in existing single-family houses in Flanders. Building Research & Information, 51(02), 203–22.