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Gillott, C, Davison, B and Densley Tingley, D (2022) Drivers, barriers and enablers: construction sector views on vertical extensions. Building Research & Information, 50(08), 909–23.

Lou, J, Lu, W, Xu, J, Li, X and Wang, J (2022) Nomenclature for offsite construction. Building Research & Information, 50(08), 894–908.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: Nomenclature; name; naming; offsite construction; information management;
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2022.2039586
  • Abstract:
    The global rise of offsite construction has created a compelling need for more efficient information management. This paper reports the development of a nomenclature system for components to enable better information management in offsite construction projects in the digital era. Firstly, criteria for suitable names are derived from current construction practices, other matured naming practices and information quality requirements. Then, through collaboration with industrial stakeholders to balance different needs and arrive at common understandings, we propose a nomenclature system that confers names upon offsite construction components. The system is validated and refined through a project-level case study and a policy-level focus meeting. The key contributions of this study are to articulate the widespread but rarely explored need for a nomenclature system for offsite construction, to exhibit the criteria for such a system and to describe the process of development with collaboration of the industry. Future research is encouraged to investigate the optimal component level for a name, develop automatic naming tools, and modify and validate the nomenclature system in other regions.

Manahasa, O and Manahasa, E (2022) Trained and untrained children explore school spaces in Albania: assessment and participation in children’s well-being. Building Research & Information, 50(08), 827–44.

Migliore, A, Rossi-Lamastra, C and Tagliaro, C (2022) Are workspaces gender neutral? A literature review and a research agenda. Building Research & Information, 50(08), 924–48.

Obeidat, B and Jaradat, E A R (2022) The influence of virtual human representations on first-year architecture students’ perceptions of digitally designed spaces: a pilot study. Building Research & Information, 50(08), 845–58.

Ruge, J, Dimitrova, V, Grubbauer, M and Bögle, A (2022) Models, mock-ups and materials: artefacts of collaboration in the planning of large-scale construction projects. Building Research & Information, 50(08), 881–93.

Skrzypczak, I, Oleniacz, G, Leśniak, A, Zima, K, Mrówczyńska, M and Kazak, J K (2022) Scan-to-BIM method in construction: assessment of the 3D buildings model accuracy in terms inventory measurements. Building Research & Information, 50(08), 859–80.