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Aguilar, A J, de la Hoz-Torres, M L, Oltra-Nieto, L, Ruiz, D P and Martínez-Aires, M D (2022) Impact of COVID-19 protocols on IEQ and students’ perception within educational buildings in Southern Spain. Building Research & Information, 50(07), 755–70.

Kearns, A (2022) Housing space and occupancy standards: developing evidence for policy from a health and wellbeing perspective in the UK context. Building Research & Information, 50(07), 722–37.

Kjeldsen, L and Stender, M (2022) Bringing social sustainability into the mix: framing planning dilemmas in mixed-tenure regeneration. Building Research & Information, 50(07), 709–21.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: Social sustainability; mixed tenure; social mixing; regeneration; redevelopment; social housing;
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2022.2081120
  • Abstract:
    While mixed-tenure regeneration has become a favoured strategy to battle concentrated disadvantage in social housing estates across the western world, the scholarly debate on tenure-mixing remains inconclusive. Some studies show that tenure-mixing can increase resident satisfaction, while others find that it may produce new forms of marginalization of low-income tenants. The mixed evidence in terms of outcomes suggests that further research is needed on viable ways forward for mixed-tenure regeneration. This paper argues that more attention should be directed towards the way project trajectories are shaped at the early stages of regeneration. It turns to the concept of social sustainability and examines how applying this concept as an analytical framework may contribute to understanding planning dilemmas embedded in mixed-tenure regeneration. Drawing on qualitative interviews with 33 practitioners involved in the early stages of mixed-tenure projects in Denmark under the so-called Parallel Society Act, it analyses practitioners’ perceptions of and approaches to tenure-mixing from a social sustainability perspective. The paper finds that the concept is helpful in framing planning dilemmas by sharpening the focus on equity and inclusion, community cohesion and participation in urban regeneration.

Memari, S, Kocaturk, T, Lozanovska, M, Andrews, F and Tucker, R (2022) The interdisciplinary conceptualization of future proofing in the context of hospital buildings. Building Research & Information, 50(07), 810–26.

Willems, S, Saelens, D and Heylighen, A (2022) Discrepancies between predicted and actual indoor environmental (dis)comfort: the role of hospitalized patients’ adaptation strategies. Building Research & Information, 50(07), 792–809.

Wimalasena, N N, Chang-Richards, A, Wang, K I and Dirks, K N (2022) What makes a healthy home? A study in Auckland, New Zealand. Building Research & Information, 50(07), 738–54.

Wu, H, Sun, X and Wu, Y (2022) Methods for probability distributions estimation of indoor environmental parameters and long-term IEQ assessment. Building Research & Information, 50(07), 771–91.