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Ade, R and Rehm, M (2021) RETRACTED ARTICLE: A summertime thermal analysis of certified green apartments for older people. Building Research & Information, 49(08), 949–60.

González-Prieto, D, Fernández-Nava, Y, Marañón, E and Prieto, M M (2021) Environmental life cycle assessment based on the retrofitting of a twentieth-century heritage building in Spain, with electricity decarbonization scenarios. Building Research & Information, 49(08), 859–77.

Jens, K and Gregg, J S (2021) The impact on human behaviour in shared building spaces as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. Building Research & Information, 49(08), 827–41.

Loosemore, M, Alkilani, S Z and Hammad, A W A (2021) The job-seeking experiences of migrants and refugees in the Australian construction industry. Building Research & Information, 49(08), 912–29.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: Employment; migrants; refugees; diversity; social procurement; construction industry;
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2021.1926215
  • Abstract:
    International migrant and refugee numbers are at record levels and continue to grow. The construction industry is a major source of potential employment for migrants and refugees and emerging social and sustainable procurement policies in many parts of the world are also requiring construction supply chains to employ refugees and migrants as a condition of public sector contracts. However, there is virtually no research into the barriers that refugees and migrants face in seeking decent employment in the construction sector. Addressing this important gap in knowledge an exploratory survey of refugees' and migrants' job-seeking experiences in the Australian construction industry is presented. Results show that by far the greatest barrier to employment is lack of construction industry experience, followed by poor recognition of previous skills and experience. Recent migrants and refugees and those with the greatest previous experience of working in construction face the greatest barriers in finding decent work. Men from an Arabic background also experience greater difficulties than other cultural groups. It is recommended that policy-makers develop more initiatives to provide work experience and engage with construction employers about the challenges which refugees and migrants face in finding work in construction.

Marocco, M and Garofolo, I (2021) Operational text-mining methods for enhancing building maintenance management. Building Research & Information, 49(08), 893–911.

Prieto, A J (2021) Fuzzy systems in the digital management of heritage timber buildings in South Chile. Building Research & Information, 49(08), 878–92.

Wang, W, Gao, S, Mi, L, Xing, J, Shang, K, Qiao, Y, Fu, Y, Ni, G and Xu, N (2021) Exploring the adoption of BIM amidst the COVID-19 crisis in China. Building Research & Information, 49(08), 930–47.

Woo, J, Rajagopalan, P, Francis, M and Garnawat, P (2021) An indoor environmental quality assessment of office spaces at an urban Australian university. Building Research & Information, 49(08), 842–58.