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Albayyaa, H, Hagare, D and Saha, S (2021) Energy conservation assessment of traditional and modern houses in Sydney. Building Research & Information, 49(06), 613–23.

Bae, S, Martin, C S and Asojo, A O (2021) Higher education students’ indoor environmental quality satisfaction benchmark. Building Research & Information, 49(06), 679–94.

Chinazzo, G (2021) Investigating the indoor environmental quality of different workplaces through web-scraping and text-mining of Glassdoor reviews. Building Research & Information, 49(06), 695–713.

Miraj, P, Berawi, M A and Utami, S R (2021) Economic feasibility of green office building: combining life cycle cost analysis and cost–benefit evaluation. Building Research & Information, 49(06), 624–38.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: Construction; cost–benefit analysis; green building; life cycle cost; sustainability;
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2021.1896354
  • Abstract:
    Construction practitioners have adopted the green building (GB) concept to restore environmental damage caused by the built environment over the last decade. However, there is inconclusive debate regarding GB savings’ potential to recover the cost of construction, maintenance, and renewals. This paper evaluates the feasibility of green-certified office buildings in Indonesia by comparing the life cycle cost and presents the cost–benefit ratio. Data were obtained from primary data and combined with reliable secondary sources for analysis. The result shows that GB requires an additional cost of 9.22% but offers energy and water savings over the building’s life cycle accounted for 58.65%. Research has shown that GB adoption reduces the cost per square metre by 41.74% over the traditional one. The cost–benefit ratio of energy, water, and carbon emissions was 2.35 and thus, justified the increased costs of investment, maintenance, and renewals of GB. This research’s findings can assist policymakers, practitioners, developers, and other interested parties in the construction sector in bringing forward regulatory changes, collaboration initiatives, capital investment, or other decision-making support.

Rodrigues, L, Tubelo, R, Vega Pasos, A, Gonçalves, J C S, Wood, C and Gillott, M (2021) Quantifying airtightness in Brazilian residential buildings with focus on its contribution to thermal comfort. Building Research & Information, 49(06), 639–60.

Sameer, H and Bringezu, S (2021) Building information modelling application of material, water, and climate footprint analysis. Building Research & Information, 49(06), 593–612.

Sharifi, S, Saman, W, Alemu, A and Boland, J (2021) A proposed long-term thermal comfort scale. Building Research & Information, 49(06), 661–78.