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Bae, S, Martin, C S and Asojo, A O (2021) Indoor environmental quality factors that matter to workplace occupants: an 11-year-benchmark study. Building Research & Information, 49(04), 445–59.

Erkan, & (2021) Cognitive response and how it is affected by changes in temperature. Building Research & Information, 49(04), 399–416.

Franke, M and Nadler, C (2021) Towards a holistic approach for assessing the impact of IEQ on satisfaction, health, and productivity. Building Research & Information, 49(04), 417–44.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: Indoor environmental quality; well-being; human performance; workplace design;
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2020.1788917
  • Abstract:
    While there is broad evidence of the impact of tangible factors (i.e. room temperature, indoor air quality) on work well-being and productivity, the objective measurement of intangible factors (i.e. ergonomics and privacy) is still an under-researched subject. A holistic approach to indoor environmental quality (IEQ) has been developed in this study by combining the research dimensions of IEQ factors (tangible vs. intangible), outcome (workplace satisfaction, health, productivity), method (subjective vs. objective assessment) and impact (direct vs. indirect effects), and it has been tested in a laboratory (n = 180). The main findings are that (i) workplace satisfaction, health and productivity are more strongly affected by intangible factors than by tangible ones, (ii) impaired privacy leads to sick building symptoms and less creativity, (iii) negative self-assessment impairs objective performance in the form of a self-fulfilling prophecy, while (iv) personality traits correlate differently with ergonomics and privacy. Hence, a holistic IEQ approach that also considers interrelations between the research dimensions is beneficial for creating supportive workplace designs.

Gilani, S and O’Brien, W (2021) Natural ventilation usability under climate change in Canada and the United States. Building Research & Information, 49(04), 367–86.

Rohde, L, Jensen, R L, Larsen, O K, Jønsson, K T and Larsen, T S (2021) Holistic indoor environmental quality assessment as a driver in early building design. Building Research & Information, 49(04), 460–81.

Roskams, M J and Haynes, B P (2021) Testing the relationship between objective indoor environment quality and subjective experiences of comfort. Building Research & Information, 49(04), 387–98.