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Damas Mollá, L, Sagarna Aranburu, M, Uriarte, J A, Aranburu, A, Zabaleta, A, García-García, F, Antigüedad, I and Morales, T (2020) Understanding the pioneering techniques in reinforced concrete: the case of Punta Begoña Galleries, Getxo, Spain. Building Research & Information, 48(07), 785–801.

Li, Z, Zhang, Q, Fan, F and Shen, S (2020) Analysis of dynamic properties and vibration comfort of large-scale stands. Building Research & Information, 48(07), 802–16.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: Assessment; vibration; comfort; building services; dynamic property; large-scale stand;
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2019.1693249
  • Abstract:
    Large grandstands provide areas for human activities and leisure pursuits. The degree of vibration comfort for people has an important effect on the functionality of grandstands. In this paper, the changes of the dynamic properties of the stand owing to different human postures are demonstrated. The comfort degree for human vibration in the large stand is also examined by full-scale measurements and questionnaire surveys. In addition, the analysis of the influence of different parameters on acceleration responses of the stand is presented via numerical simulation. Thereafter, it has been observed that ISO10137-2007 and BS6472 are more suitable than GB10070 and AISC-11 for evaluating vibration serviceability owing to crowd jumping loads during football matches in the large grandstand environment. Moreover, it has been observed that females and the staff are more likely to feel uncomfortable during matches, whilst students younger than 30 years old are the least sensitive group to vibrations of large stands. When the frequency of the jumping loads is close to the fundamental frequency of the stand or the synergy rate is high, the resonance is more likely to occur, which should be avoided by designers and users.

Loosemore, M, Bridgeman, J and Keast, R (2020) Reintegrating ex-offenders into work through construction: a case study of cross-sector collaboration in social procurement. Building Research & Information, 48(07), 731–46.

Turk, & and Klinc, R (2020) A social–product–process framework for construction. Building Research & Information, 48(07), 747–62.

van den Berg, J, Appel-Meulenbroek, R, Kemperman, A and Sotthewes, M (2020) Knowledge workers’ stated preferences for important characteristics of activity-based workspaces. Building Research & Information, 48(07), 703–18.

Wuni, I Y and Shen, G Q (2020) Critical success factors for modular integrated construction projects: a review. Building Research & Information, 48(07), 763–84.

Xie, X, Qin, S, Gou, Z and Yi, M (2020) Engaging professionals in urban stormwater management: the case of China’s Sponge City. Building Research & Information, 48(07), 719–30.