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Adekunle, T O (2020) Occupants’ comfort and stress indices in a structural timber school building in the Northeast US in different seasons. Building Research & Information, 48(03), 331–48.

Bae, S, Asojo, A O and Martin, C S (2020) Impact of occupants’ demographics on indoor environmental quality satisfaction in the workplace. Building Research & Information, 48(03), 301–15.

Burnard, M D and Kutnar, A (2020) Human stress responses in office-like environments with wood furniture. Building Research & Information, 48(03), 316–30.

Chen, J C, Tsaih, L S and Li, Y (2020) Exploring views on communal amenities and well-being in housing for seniors in Taiwan. Building Research & Information, 48(03), 239–53.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: Housing communal amenity; well-being; ageing in place; housing for seniors; decision-making;
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2019.1674626
  • Abstract:
    The aim of this study was to learn views from healthcare practitioners and the general public for housing communal amenities that could best support senior well-being for ageing in place. The literature review identified 30 popular communal amenities and was tested via a questionnaire survey conducted in Taiwan. Participants (N = 759) evaluated the importance level of the proposed amenities with five-point Likert scale. Data were analysed with Friedman Ranking Test and Kruskal–Wallis test. Results showed that both respondent groups placed outdoor open space, trail and garden with seat as top three important amenities, where outdoor and multifunction were the spatial and functional qualities. While the general public believed physical category amenities were more important, healthcare practitioners put emphasis on social and spiritual categories. Within the general public group, respondents aged 65 years and older had different views than younger respondents on dog run area, BBQ areas and video game room. Swimming pool and religious space were viewed as an important amenity by respondents from different regions. It was concluded that in Taiwan, views may differ with upbringing and cultural backgrounds, residing regions and age. The initial findings can assist policymakers, real estate developers and designers for decision-making in future housing projects.

Goodhew, S, Latour, J M, Duthie, J, Shirreff, H, Riddlestone, P, Metcalfe, J and Fox, M (2020) Hospital ward temperatures related to hypothermic risk in orthopaedic patients. Building Research & Information, 48(03), 286–300.

Higuera-Trujillo, J L, Llinares Millán, C, Montañana i Aviñó, A and Rojas, J (2020) Multisensory stress reduction: a neuro-architecture study of paediatric waiting rooms. Building Research & Information, 48(03), 269–85.

Jellema, P, Annemans, M and Heylighen, A (2020) The roles of cancer care facilities in users’ well-being. Building Research & Information, 48(03), 254–68.