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Cosar-Jorda, P, Buswell, R A and Mitchell, V A (2019) Quantifying energy demand reduction considering householder willingness to apply measures. Building Research & Information, 47(07), 850–64.

Galiano-Garrigós, A, García-Figueroa, A, Rizo-Maestre, C and González-Avilés, & (2019) Evaluation of BIM energy performance and CO2 emissions assessment tools: a case study in warm weather. Building Research & Information, 47(07), 787–812.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: Energy performance; EPBD; BIM; CO; emissions;
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2019.1620093
  • Abstract:
    The EU members have adopted regulations and official methods for evaluating the energy performance in buildings. Most of these methods are applied at the end of the project phase, with few opportunities to correct erroneous design decisions when the desired building energy performance is not achieved. It is demonstrated that there is no European standard for sustainability and that the decision-making process during the development of a building project is compromised by the methodologies and some concepts, as thermal inertia, are withdrawn. Currently, the industry has been developing alternative tools for evaluating energy performance and CO2 emissions in buildings over their entire life cycle. These software programs, which belong to the BIM environment, use databases and make simplifications adapted to the stage of design when the software can be applied. The main objective of this paper is to evaluate the accuracy of this software and how the databases and simplifications influence the decision-making process in building design. Calculation examples are carried out with various tools and compared to real building performance data. The results demonstrate that, as with the official methods, the tools influence the results and therefore condition, sometimes wrongly, the decision-making process to produce better buildings.

Rasmussen, F N, Ganassali, S, Zimmermann, R K, Lavagna, M, Campioli, A and Birgisdóttir, H (2019) LCA benchmarks for residential buildings in Northern Italy and Denmark – learnings from comparing two different contexts. Building Research & Information, 47(07), 833–49.

Salvado, F, de Almeida, N M and Azevedo, & V e (2019) Historical analysis of the economic life-cycle performance of public school buildings. Building Research & Information, 47(07), 813–32.