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Chunekar, A and Sreenivas, A (2019) Towards an understanding of residential electricity consumption in India. Building Research & Information, 47(01), 75–90.

Gokarakonda, S, Shrestha, S, Caleb, P R, Rathi, V, Jain, R, Thomas, S, Topp, K and Niazi, Z (2019) Decoupling in India’s building construction sector: trends, technologies and policies. Building Research & Information, 47(01), 91–107.

Graham, P and Rawal, R (2019) Achieving the 2°C goal: the potential of India’s building sector. Building Research & Information, 47(01), 108–22.

Gupta, R, Gregg, M, Manu, S, Vaidya, P and Dixit, M (2019) Customized performance evaluation approach for Indian green buildings. Building Research & Information, 47(01), 56–74.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: Building performance evaluation (BPE); education; energy efficiency; green buildings; post-occupancy evaluation (POE); India;
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2019.1525962
  • Abstract:
    The green building movement in India is lacking an important link: ensuring that the design intent of such buildings is actually realized. This paper undertakes an exploratory investigation to develop and test a customized building performance evaluation (BPE) approach (I-BPE framework) for the Indian context. As academia is considered to be an initial primary outlet of BPE, a survey of experts is conducted to investigate the drivers and barriers for implementing BPE-based methods in educational curricula. The I-BPE approach is tested in a case study building to gain insights for refining the underlying methods and processes for conducting further BPE studies in the context of India. The expert survey reveals the lack of trained people for teaching BPE as a key challenge to its adoption, implying that trained people are needed as much as frameworks. To enable widespread adoption of I-BPE in India, what will be necessary is a new cadre of building performance evaluators who can be trained (or up-skilled) through formal or continuing education. This will need to be driven by both policy (energy code) and market transformation (‘green’ rating systems). A series of delivery routes are suggested to enable rapid and deeper learning.

Kumar, S, Yadav, N, Singh, M and Kachhawa, S (2019) Estimating India’s commercial building stock to address the energy data challenge. Building Research & Information, 47(01), 24–37.

Mastrucci, A and Rao, N D (2019) Bridging India’s housing gap: lowering costs and CO2 emissions. Building Research & Information, 47(01), 8–23.

Mathur, A (2019) Public costs and private benefits: the governance of energy efficiency in India. Building Research & Information, 47(01), 123–6.

Vishwanathan, S S, Fragkos, P, Fragkiadakis, K, Paroussos, L and Garg, A (2019) Energy system transitions and macroeconomic assessment of the Indian building sector. Building Research & Information, 47(01), 38–55.