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Eker, S, Zimmermann, N, Carnohan, S and Davies, M (2018) Participatory system dynamics modelling for housing, energy and wellbeing interactions. Building Research & Information, 46(07), 738–54.

Filippova, O, Xiao, Y, Rehm, M and Ingham, J (2018) Economic effects of regulating the seismic strengthening of older buildings. Building Research & Information, 46(07), 711–24.

Gillich, A, Sunikka-Blank, M and Ford, A (2018) Designing an ‘optimal’ domestic retrofit programme. Building Research & Information, 46(07), 767–78.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: CO; reduction;
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/09613218.2017.1368235
  • Abstract:
    The US Better Buildings Neighborhood Program (BBNP) consisted of 41 different versions of thermal retrofit programmes with a common structure and objectives. This created a natural experiment in thermal retrofit programme design. This paper uses qualitative interviews with programme organizers measured against third-party programme performance data to create a model of 14 programme steps that were common to all BBNP grantees. This model uses the experiences of programme organizers to define best-practice principles associated with each programme step. Five themes emerge from the programme steps: (1) programme design: local market features and suitable programme structures; (2) marketing and outreach: the processes of creating awareness versus personal engagement – how community-based social marketing is a key strategy in driving demand; (3) workforce engagement: the skills gaps across the supply chain; (4) financial incentives: the merits of grants versus loans – how to use them in combination; and (5) data and evaluation: best-practice techniques for both programme evaluation and enabling iterative programme adjustments. These principles create a template for an ‘optimal’ programme model for retrofit programmes with stated objectives similar to the US BBNP. The potential and limitations in extrapolating this model to UK retrofit markets are considered.

Gram-Hanssen, K, Georg, S, Christiansen, E and Heiselberg, P (2018) What next for energy-related building regulations?: the occupancy phase. Building Research & Information, 46(07), 790–803.

Newsham, G R, Veitch, J A and Hu, Y ( (2018) Effect of green building certification on organizational productivity metrics. Building Research & Information, 46(07), 755–66.

Shove, E (2018) What is wrong with energy efficiency?. Building Research & Information, 46(07), 779–89.

Wang, Y and Shao, L (2018) Understanding occupancy and user behaviour through Wi-Fi-based indoor positioning. Building Research & Information, 46(07), 725–37.