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Davies, P J, Emmitt, S and Firth, S K (2013) On-site energy management challenges and opportunities: a contractor's perspective. Building Research & Information, 41(04), 450-68.

El-adaway, I H, Ali, G G, Eissa, R, Abdul Nabi, M, Ahmed, M O, Elbashbishy, T and Khalef, R (2023) Construction Management and Economics 40th anniversary: investigating knowledge structure and evolution of research trends. Construction Management and Economics, 41(04), 338–60.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: Construction engineering and management; research trends; citations; construction education;
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0144-6193
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1080/01446193.2022.2164598
  • Abstract:
    Celebrating Construction Management and Economics's (CME) 40th anniversary, the goal of this paper is to investigate the knowledge structure and evolution of research trends in CME since its inception. The associated objectives include: (1) analyzing CME’s scholarly characteristics; (2) studying CME’s publication output over time; (3) examining interconnectivities between CME’s research trends; and (4) exploring the potential citation impact of recently published CME’s papers. In doing so, this paper implemented a multistep methodology that consists of descriptive assessment, social network analysis (SNA), and predictive machine learning (ML). Results of descriptive assessment showed that CME has witnessed over the years a noticeable growth in the number of publications, citation trends, and collaborative research as depicted increased co-authorship, and that highest percentage of publications were related to “Strategy, Decision Making, Risk, and Finance”, “Project planning and Design” and “Contemporary Issues”. Output of SNA highlights that research areas with the highest interconnectivity included “Strategy, Decision Making, Risk and Finance” and “Project Planning and Design”, and “Labor and Personnel Issues”. Furthermore, predictive ML revealed that CME papers have a high probability of becoming high impact publications. In addition to that, the predictive ML results re-emphasized the outcomes of the performed descriptive assessment by reflecting the importance of “Contemporary Issues”, “Organizational Issues”, “Strategy, Decision Making, Risk, and Finance”, and “Labor and Personnel Issues” as emerging research topics with increased potential impact in the future. Ultimately, this paper benefits all CME stakeholders by quantitatively studying current research patterns, their interconnectivities, and future potential.

Fuerst, F, van de Wetering, J and Wyatt, P (2013) Is intrinsic energy efficiency reflected in the pricing of office leases?. Building Research & Information, 41(04), 373-83.

Himpe, E, Trappers, L, Debacker, W, Delghust, M, Laverge, J, Janssens, A, Moens, J and Van Holm, M (2013) Life cycle energy analysis of a zero-energy house. Building Research & Information, 41(04), 435-49.

Maslova, S and Burgess, G (2023) Delivering human-centred housing: understanding the role of post-occupancy evaluation and customer feedback in traditional and innovative social housebuilding in England. Construction Management and Economics, 41(04), 277–92.

Newsham, G R, Birt, B J, Arsenault, C, Thompson, A J L, Veitch, J A, Mancini, S, Galasiu, A D, Gover, B N, Macdonald, I A and Burns, G J (2013) Do ‘green’ buildings have better indoor environments? New evidence. Building Research & Information, 41(04), 415-34.

Pérez-Bella, J M, Domínguez-Hernández, J, Rodríguez-Soria, B, del Coz-Díaz, J J and Cano-Suñén, E (2013) A new method for determining the water tightness of building facades. Building Research & Information, 41(04), 401-14.

Puolitaival, T, Kähkönen, K and Kestle, L (2023) The framing of construction management responsibilities in job advertisements in the UK and the USA. Construction Management and Economics, 41(04), 307–21.

Todd, J A, Pyke, C and Tufts, R (2013) Implications of trends in LEED usage: rating system design and market transformation. Building Research & Information, 41(04), 384-400.

Vidalakis, C and Sommerville, J (2013) Transportation responsiveness and efficiency within the building supply chain. Building Research & Information, 41(04), 469-81.

Wang, Y, Yao, Y, Zhang, Y, Su, B and Wu, T (2023) Impact of industrial agglomeration on total factor productivity in the construction industry: evidence from China. Construction Management and Economics, 41(04), 322–37.

Zapata Quimbayo, C A and Mejía Vega, C A (2023) Credit risk in infrastructure PPP projects under the real options approach. Construction Management and Economics, 41(04), 293–306.