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Dijken, F V, Bronswijk, J E M H V and Sundell, J (2006) Indoor environment and pupils' health in primary schools. Building Research & Information, 34(05), 437–46.

Givoni, B, Khedari, J, Wong, N H, Feriadi, H and Noguchi, M (2006) Thermal sensation responses in hot, humid climates: effects of humidity. Building Research & Information, 34(05), 496–506.

Grimsrud, D, Bridges, B and Schulte, R (2006) Continuous measurements of air quality parameters in schools. Building Research & Information, 34(05), 447–58.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: building performance; carbon dioxide; indoor air quality; Internet-based instrumentation; health; schools; ventilation
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: http://journalsonline.tandf.co.uk/link.asp?id=n2q58g316k6u3509
  • Abstract:
    Results are presented from the continuous monitoring of air quality parameters in 85 classrooms and other spaces located in eight schools in Minnesota, US, during the 2003–04 school year. Measurements were made using unobtrusive sensor packages mounted on classroom walls that transmitted data to a remote site using the Internet. Carbon dioxide concentrations showed substandard ventilation in rooms in five of the eight schools. Monthly reports of results prepared for each school assisted school personnel in planning and implementing improvements in air quality. Unusual values of carbon monoxide concentrations and volatile organic gas concentrations were investigated when observed. The schools that volunteered for the study represented school districts with a high interest in indoor air quality issues in their buildings. Thus, the sample is not a representative sample of all schools in the state. The study demonstrates that even in a group of motivated schools, unobtrusive monitoring and regular measurement of air quality parameters can make a significant improvement indoor air quality in classrooms.

Ji, X L, Lou, W Z, Dai, Z Z, Wang, B G and Liu, S Y (2006) Predicting thermal comfort in Shanghai's non-air-conditioned buildings. Building Research & Information, 34(05), 507–14.

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Roulet, C-A, Johner, N, Foradini, F, Bluyssen, P, Co, C, Fernandes, x D O, Müller, B and Aizlewood, C (2006) Perceived health and comfort in relation to energy use and building characteristics. Building Research & Information, 34(05), 467–74.