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Bojic, M, Yik, F and Lee, M (2003) Influence of air-conditioning exhaust on exterior recessed space. Building Research & Information, 31(01), 25–34.

Boudeau, C (2013) Design team meetings and the coordination of expertise: the roof garden of a hospital. Construction Management and Economics, 31(01), 78-89.

Chew, M Y L and Silva, N D (2003) Maintainability problems of wet areas in high-rise residential buildings. Building Research & Information, 31(01), 60–9.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: building defects; building performance; design; durability; feedback; life cycle; maintainability; post-occupancy; wet areas; Singapore
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0961-3218
  • URL: http://taddeo.ingentaselect.com/vl=1244077/cl=118/nw=1/rpsv/cw/spon/09613218/v31n1/s6/p60
  • Abstract:
    Feedback on building maintenance problems and failures provides insight into how problems arise and how to prevent their recurrence in future projects. Findings are reported from a research project on the maintainability of high-rise residential buildings in Singapore focussing on wet areas. Problem areas evaluated include water leakage from ceilings, staining/discolouration, paint defects, the cracking/spalling of concrete, the cracking/debonding of tiles, fungi/algae growth, pipe leakage and corrosion. Key factors for the eradication of these problems are identified as workmanship, design detailing maintenance and material incompatibility under tropical conditions.

Crawford, R H, Treloar, G J, Iiozor, B D and Love, P E D (2003) Competitive greenhouse emissions analysis of domestic solar hot water systems. Building Research & Information, 31(01), 34–47.

Feriadi, H, Hien, N, Chandra, S and Cheong, K W (2003) Adaptive behaviour and thermal comfort in Singapore's naturally ventilated housing. Building Research & Information, 31(01), 13–23.

Fuller, R J and Luther, M B (2003) Simulation of condensation problems in a roller skating centre. Building Research & Information, 31(01), 48–59.

Håkansson, H and Ingemansson, M (2013) Industrial renewal within the construction network. Construction Management and Economics, 31(01), 40-61.

Kim, J-L (2013) Genetic algorithm stopping criteria for optimization of construction resource scheduling problems. Construction Management and Economics, 31(01), 3-19.

Koskela, L (2003) Is structural change the primary solution to the problems of construction?. Building Research & Information, 31(01), 85–96.

Langston, C (2013) The role of coordinate-based decision-making in the evaluation of sustainable built environments. Construction Management and Economics, 31(01), 62-77.

Raisbeck, P and Tang, L C M (2013) Identifying design development factors in Australian PPP projects using an AHP framework. Construction Management and Economics, 31(01), 20-39.

Sunikka, M and Boon, C (2003) Environmental policies and efforts in social housing: the Netherlands. Building Research & Information, 31(01), 1–12.