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Chan, P, Puybaraud, M C and Kaka, A (2001) Construction training: a linkage to productivity improvements. In: Akintoye, A (Ed.), Proceedings 17th Annual ARCOM Conference, 5-7 September 2001, Salford, UK. Association of Researchers in Construction Management, Vol. 1, 143–55.

  • Type: Conference Proceedings
  • Keywords: labour productivity; training; performance measurement; resources
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0 9534161 6 X
  • URL: http://www.arcom.ac.uk/-docs/proceedings/ar2001-143-155_Chan_Puybaraud_and_Kaka.pdf
  • Abstract:
    The problems of low labour productivity levels and training participation within the British construction industry are not new. Over the last few decades, these issues fuelled much research interests within the United Kingdom. Empirical evidence seem to suggest that there is a relationship between training and productivity. Yet, much research tended to focus on each of these two areas in isolation and very few actually attempted to link training and labour productivity together. This proposed research aims to do just that. The paper builds up a case for the linkage between training and labour productivity by extensively reviewing past literature within these two areas. The review highlights limitations of past studies and establishes two fundamental gaps. First, a great emphasis of past research is placed on the conversion process in an input-output framework rather than the input, labour. Second, past research seldom addresses the issue of workmen's abilities when analysing labour productivity. Finally, the paper presents a proposed methodology, comprising a mixed methodology, to attempt to quantify and qualify this hypothesized relationship.