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Brewer, G and Gajendran, T (2012) Attitudes, behaviours and the transmission of cultural traits: Impacts on ICT/BIM use in a project team. Construction Innovation, 12(02), 198-215.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: attitudes; behaviours; building information modelling; communications technology; information technology; project team culture; project teams
  • ISBN/ISSN: 1471-4175
  • URL: https://doi.org/10.1108/14714171211215949
  • Abstract:
    Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to describe the development of an appropriate investigative mechanism deployed to uncover the link between individual attitude, consequent decision making and development of group culture, and their impact on the use of information and communication technology/building information modelling (ICT/BIM) across a temporary project organisation (TPO). Design/methodology/approach - The paper develops a protocol and conducts a case study of a specialist subcontractor associated with the design and construction of an engineered facade operating in a specific TPO. It adopts a phenomenological perspective, utilising ethnographic data collection techniques and constructivist analysis/abstraction. Findings - Differentiation resulted in impaired e-business activity; however, there was a positive impact on the overall project outcome. This was attributed to the positive cultural traits demonstrated by the specialist subcontractor. Individuals' attitudinal traits develop over time through personal experiences and interaction with others. These traits are transportable and potentially infectious, as in this case, where the result was beneficial to the stakeholders. Originality/value - The paper describes the successful implementation of an appropriate investigative protocol to chart the links between the beliefs and actions of individuals in relation to ICT/BIM, and the consequences for TPO culture and the project as a whole.