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Boes, H and Holmen, E (2003) Changing supplier-customer interfaces in design-construct contracts?. In: Greenwood, D J (Ed.), Proceedings 19th Annual ARCOM Conference, 3-5 September 2003, Brighton, UK. Association of Researchers in Construction Management, Vol. 2, 807–16.

  • Type: Conference Proceedings
  • Keywords: Dutch policy; integrated contracts; relationships; procurement; strategy
  • ISBN/ISSN: 0 9534161 8 6
  • URL: http://www.arcom.ac.uk/-docs/proceedings/ar2003-807-816_Boes and Holman.pdf
  • Abstract:
    It is often proposed that by bridging the gap which so far has been common between design and construction, productivity and innovation can be increased. Therefore, experimentation with innovative, integrated contract forms has been carried out. In such contracts, the focus is on changing the interfaces between clients and contractors; however, they also open up for the possibility of changing interfaces between contractors and their suppliers. With the framework by Araujo et al. (1999) regarding supplier interfaces as the point of departure, we investigate the changes in supplier-customer interfaces between manufacturers of prefabricated concrete elements and their customers in the Netherlands. We identify three types of interface profiles: traditional, innovative and balanced, and we suggest that suppliers may benefit from continuously monitoring and purposeful managing their customer interface profile.