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Abdul-Aziz, A-R (2001) Clandestine foreign site operatives in Japan: a focus on Malaysians. Journal of Construction Procurement, 7(01), 51–72.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: clandestine employment; international labour migration; Japan; Malaysia; site operatives
  • ISBN/ISSN: 1358-9180
  • URL:
  • Abstract:
    This paper puts to the test the general observations made on foreign construction workers in Japan. Using Malaysian nationals as the sample population, it challenges some of these observations. Foreign site operatives are not made to put up with rampant severe labour violations and poor living conditions as suggested by some writers. For sure, labour abuses do take place - wage discrimination, denial of full or partial wages being the most common. To a degree Japan's construction industry has benefited from the infusion of foreign labour, most notably the safeguard against fluctuations in labour demand and rejuvenation of the workforce. Concurrently, labour reforms in the industry have taken place unhindered. On a wider note there has been minimal deleterious impact on Japan's social fabric as voluntary rotation averts the risk of permanent settlers while the return of the sick and the aged exerts no strain on Japan's public medical services.