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Bonnar, I D (2007) Not as cool as fighter pilots: an exploration of identity and learning for full-time quantity surveying students, Unpublished PhD Thesis, School of Education , University of Stirling.

  • Type: Thesis
  • Keywords: case study; education; learning; quantity surveying; vocation
  • URL: http://hdl.handle.net/1893/223
  • Abstract:
    This study explores the relationship between identity and learning, in particular the concepts of ‘belonging’ and ‘becoming’ in respect of professional, vocational education. Adopting a case study approach, the study focuses on the quantity surveying discipline and the degree programme offered by my institution, and one specific cohort on same. As they progressed through their studies, an in-depth exploration of the formation of identity (ies) and the dispositions adopted towards learning was undertaken, involving two key milestones: at Level 1 (first year) when the participants had almost completed their studies, and again at Level 3 (third year) when the participants had returned from their period of professional placement. The conclusions of my study raise a number of issues for professional, vocational education in general, and more specifically, the provision of quantity surveying education within my institution. The outcomes of this investigation highlight three key areas for further attention: the tensions inherent in providing discipline-orientated programmes within a semesterised, modularised, more generic-focused system of delivery; issues surrounding the provision of professional placement opportunities including the emotional aspects of same; and the resultant impacts on dispositions and identity, ‘belonging’ and ‘becoming’.