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Alnsour, M A M (2020) Integrating sustainability assessment into public works development in Jordan, Unpublished PhD Thesis, School of Civil Engineering, University of Leeds.

  • Type: Thesis
  • Keywords: developing countries; government; grounded theory; economic growth; infrastructure project; Jordan; natural resources; policy; sustainable development; validation; wellbeing
  • URL: http://etheses.whiterose.ac.uk/27605/
  • Abstract:
    (Embargoed until 1 September 2021) Most developing countries are suffering from random unplanned economic growth and excessive resource consumption that limit creating a more Public Works (PWs) infrastructure projects which are essential for suitable human life. Jordan as one of the developing countries is suffering from limited natural resources and problems in achieving a high level of socioeconomic growth. Indeed, the increased number of people in Jordan imposes the government to plan for creating more PWs infrastructure projects development. In this regard, PWs development should be designed, built, maintained, and adopted in ways that meet the changing needs of society and provides environments in which people live and work enjoyably and efficiently and improves the quality of life and service provision. In line with the need to create PWs development that can reduce environmental damage, achieve social welfare, improve community wellbeing and enhance economic growth, sustainability becomes increasingly popular worldwide. However, sustainability is not well recognised into PWs development in developing countries including Jordan. The evidence that PWs development still has long-lasting environmental, social and economic negative impacts upon communities. This is clear that in order to reduce long negative lasting impacts of PWs development, its development from creating policies and plans, to select individual projects should be assessed to what extent they contribute to sustainable development in Jordan. Sustainability assessment (SA), however, is currently not factored into the existing practices of PWs development that leads to unsustainable development being promoted in Jordan. This research, therefore, seeks to show how to integrate SA into PWs development in Jordan. In order to achieve this, Modified Grounded Theory (MGT) was used. The incorporation of recommendations and findings resulting from the MGT have helped to propose a novel integrated approach. The findings indicated that there is a need to change the existing PWs development practices by identifying the SA process, goals and targets, linking the development levels, creating an enabling environment, and, lastly, restructuring the policymaking process to select individual projects. Then, the integrated approach was validated with Jordanian and Non-Jordanian experts. The validation’s findings recommended several suggestions that need to be carried out for the improvement of the integrated approach. This indicated that it is favourably recommended for its usability, usefulness, and appropriateness and its application to assess the extent to which emerging policies, plans, and projects of PWs achieve sustainable development.