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Alade, K, Oyebade, A and Nzewi, N (2018) Assessment of the use of locally available materials for building construction in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. Journal of Construction Business and Management, 2(2), 36-41.

  • Type: Journal Article
  • Keywords: affordable housing; building materials; local knowledge; Nigeria; questionnaire survey
  • ISBN/ISSN: 2521-0165
  • URL: https://journals.uct.ac.za/index.php/jcbm/article/view/449
  • Abstract:

    The potentials and benefits of local building materials (LBM) remain untapped and seem to progress at a slow rate in the Nigerian building industry. This research examined the availability and level of usage of LBM in Ado-Ekiti, South-Western Nigeria. Further, it considered hindering and helpful factors for the use of LBM in the study area. Based on the extensive literature review, 10 LBMs were identified and examined in the study area. 150 professionals, closely involved with building construction in construction companies that are fully operational in Ado-Ekiti, were investigated for this study. The Relative Index analysis of the frequency in the use of LBMs available for building construction in Ado Ekiti revealed that the following LBMs are available and in the following order, in the study area: Stone(1) with RII 0.95, timber(2) RII 0.93, laterite(3) RII 0.92, clay and mud(4) RII 0.91, bamboo(5) RII 0.90, leaves and barks of trees(6) RII 0.88, palm kernel shells (7) RII 0.85, wild coconut trees(8) RII 0.79, animal wastes (9) RII 0.76 and dung(10) RII 0.74. However, the level of usage of these materials is still very low. Considering the economic, socio-cultural and environmental benefits of LBM, this study recommended more awareness campaign and sensitization of the public on LBM in order to promote its social acceptability. In addition, it recommended that Federal and State governments should facilitate more esearch in the use of the available local materials for building construction. Availing funds specifically for research and development of LBM will also promote its use.